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GPGol - Problems with German Umlauts
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To encryt and to decrypt messages with GPGol works fine as long as the
mailprogram, I communicate with, also is Outlook 2003 with GPGol.

However when I get Mails from Thunderbird or from Outlook 2002 (with an old
plugin for GPG) the german Umlauts like ä, ö, ü or ß are missing. It is the same
when users of Thunderbird get mails I sent.

When I decrypt the mails, I have in Outlook with copy and paste with GPA, the
German Umlauts are shown.

The mails in Outlook are PGP / MIME.

I hope for an improvement.

Stefan Baier

Stefan Baier

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The 0.9 series of GpgOL is no longer supported. Sorry.