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GpgOL: Can not create OpenPGP Signature.
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When trying to create a signed OpenPGP mail,
I get an error message when trying to send:
"Unterschrifterstellungsfehler(Unknown System Error)".

Not sure how to find further debug infos.

Also, I think I had a Kleopatra dialog the very first
time I tried this (did not work though, I think I cancelled it),
but since then only the above described dialog appears.



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This is definitely a Kleopatra error. I am suffering form this for quite some time.

If you want a log file, here are two hints:

@item HKCU\Software\GNU\GpgOL:enableDebug
Setting this key to the string @code{1} enables a few extra features in
the UI, useful only for debugging. (i.e. the old advanced options dialog).

@itemx HKCU\Software\GNU\GpgOL:logFile
If the value is not empty, GpgOL takes this as a log file and appends
debug information to this file. The file may get very large.
(without enbaleDebug, setting this pops up a warning on startup.)

Please use the uiserver keyword to flag problems which are likely related to the
uiserver (i.e. Kleopatra)

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With gpg4win svn639 the problem described here is resolved, and
replaced by a different one that is really inside Kleopatra.