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Zlib inflate problem
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Hi There !!!
My name is Tigran and I have some issue ...
On my system (Linux RH9 2.4.29) I'm using gpg (GnuPG) 1.2.1 with zlib-1.1.4-8.
But when I'm tring to decrypt files which was encrypted with public and private

keys it get me this error message:

gpg --decrypt-files /root/Test.xls.gpg
gpg: encrypted with 2048-bit ELG-E key, ID 80224B85, created 2005-02-11

"test1 <>"

File `/root/Test.xls' exists. Overwrite (y/N)? y
gpg: fatal: zlib inflate problem: invalid stored block lengths

secmem usage: 2048/3104 bytes in 4/7 blocks of pool 4544/16384

After this it creates a file Test.xls, but it has very small size and I can't
open it 'cause it's damaged.
I try to change my zlib with zlib 1.2.3 but it not help. Then I changed version
of GPG with GPG 1.4.9. But still I don't fix my issue.

What version of gpg did you used to crerate that file? I recall some problem
with zlib in the past. Thus if you encrypted a file using such a version of
zlib your data has been corrupted and there are no command line options to
recover the message. With a bit of hacking you could get to the decrypted but
compressed content, though.

Why at are you using an outdated version of gpg for your tests?

1.2.1 is not anymore supported.

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