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Signature check fails when French characters in mail from PGP8.1
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mail sent from the French CERT-IST using PGP 8.1, signature validates with cmd
line gpg but fails with GPGol under Outlook 2003 SP2 when mail contains an
accented character. Attached image shows 3 cases. (1) sig is valid with gpg cmd
line. (2) sig is valid with mail containing only plain ASCII (but note that key
ID is wrong) and (3) sig is invalid when mail contains the character "e accent"



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This is probably due to wrong MIME headers or internal conversions by Outlook
which break the signature. This old version of GpgOL has a limited MIME parser.
With version 1.0 as included in Gpg4win 2.0 we have a complete MIME parser and
your problem might be solved.

ok, you can close off this bug report. I will move to newer version.

ok, please close off this bug and I will move to latest version.

thanks for your time

werner claimed this task.