add command line argument to control pinentry type
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add command line argument to control pinentry type

I didn't find any duplicate for that.

Currently the pinentry type is controlled by changing the config file. But it
is not very flexible. Please add argument to gpg so user could write

gpg --pinentry text ...

which means gpg would not call GUI dialog, but ask for password in text mode
(just an example). This would be a relief for using gpg in scripting, changing
pinetry mode on the fly without changing config files.


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We can't do that because gpg2 requires gpg-agent (not to a 100% right now but
eventually there will be no way without gpg-agent). Pinentry is a property of
gpg-agent and you can control which pinentry to use by using a symlink or
gpg-agent's option --pinentry-program.

Another way to control the pinentry program from any application is by using a
warpper for pinentry controlled by the environment variable PINENTRY_USER_DATA
which is passed all the way from gpg down to the pinentry program

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Thank you for the information, with it I will be able to alter behaviour on the
fly (via system variable) but anyway, it would be really great gpg could pass
an argument -- I think it is a bit more elegant way to control the behaviour.

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