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What is the ending of Pizza Tower

What is the ending of Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower is a fantastic platformer game featuring cartoonish 2D graphics. In spite of being inspired by Nintendo games such as the Wario Land series or Sonic The Hedgehog series, this game still has unique features which attract many players from all over the world. Unlike other platformer games, this game has one ending. What will happen with the chef Peppino Spaghetti after he defeats Pizzaface? If you are curious about his ending, read this article now. It will spoil the true ending of Peppino.

The gameplay

This game takes you on a thrilling adventure in which you must help an Italian chef named Peppino Spaghetti save his pizzeria. Because Pizzaface wants to destroy his pizzeria, he has to enter the tower to stop this evil guy. When playing this game, you need to take control of him to go into different rooms in the tower and fight against enemies. Try to reach the room where Pizzaface is staying. Your ultimate goal is to knock out this final boss to get a victory.

True Ending of Pizza Tower

At the final level, Peppino is chased by many enemies including Mr. Stick, Gustavo, Fake Peppino, the Noise, The Vigilante, and Pepperman. He will run around the tower to find an exit door. Finally, after reaching the exit door, he and the other bosses can escape from the tower safely. Peppino sits on the ground because he is too tired. Meanwhile, Mr. Stick stands next to him and complains about something. Gustavo stands behind him and comforts him. At this time, the tower collapses. Next, when the scene is changed, you can see Pizzahead lying on the ground painfully. He gets out of the tower in time before it is destroyed. At the end of the game, all moments when Peppino is in the tower are displayed to remind you of an exciting adventure.

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