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Play 3DCARP fishing game online

Play 3DCARP fishing game online

3DCARP is a fishing simulation for serious Angler. In 3DCARP you will be able to choose your fishing location after viewing a panoramic map of the fishing area. Then you will throw bait around the water surface to attract fish and then cast the fishing rod to fish. Furthermore, you can use two fishing rods at the same time to increase your fishing performance. In addition, you also have binoculars so you can observe the bait more clearly to promptly handle and come up with a solution to the exact situation. There are 13 lakes and 4 rivers. Focuses mainly on Carp fish (Common, Mirror, Da and Koi) but also includes Wells Catfish, Pike, Muskie, Tiger Muskie, Zander, Walleye, Perch, Bass, Chub, Orfe (normal and yellow ), Rudd (normal and yellow), Ide, Tench (normal and yellow), Bream, Roach, Goldfish, golden Carp Siamese Carp, Mekon Catfish, Sturgeon, Mahseer and Tarpon. Go tiny fishing with 2 rods off the peg or stalk anywhere with a single float rod. Fish during the day or at night, in spring, summer, fall or winter. Fish from the bank or from a boat. Bait up with a slingshot, a throwing rod, a spod, and a bait boat (equipped with underwater camera and sonar). Use a variety of customizable rigs and choose from hundreds of baits. Take a photo of your catch and win the championship. 3DCARP - the most detailed imitation carp fish.

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