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9 types of Enneagram

The enneagram test is a system of classifying and studying human personality based on 9 basic types, each with its own characteristics, motivations and approach to life.

Type 1 - Responsible Person: Personality mainly focuses on standards, organization and self-control. They are often motivated, goal-oriented people who try to control their emotions and their surroundings.

Type 2 - Servant: This personality focuses on helping others and establishing relationships. They are often extroverted, conscientious, and attentive to the needs of others.

Type 3 - Achievers: People of this type love winning, success and recognition. They are often goal-oriented people, confident and like challenges.

Type 4 - Deep Soul: This personality focuses on self-awareness and emotional depth. They are often artistic, emotional and creative people.

Type 5 - Observer: This personality focuses on knowledge and understanding. They are often researchers, analysts, and independent people.

Type 6 - Honest: This personality focuses on safety and stability. They are often careful, loyal people and like to have specific plans.

Type 7 - Optimist: People of this type like new things, creativity and fun. They are often liberal, optimistic and freedom-loving people.

Type 8 - Leader: This personality focuses on power and control. They are often strong, decisive and independent people.

Type 9 - Peaceful Person: This personality focuses on harmony and harmony. They are usually calm, gentle and conciliatory people.

Enneagram tests are often designed to help people determine their personality type and understand themselves and those around them better. Tests often propose questions or situations and rely on your responses to determine your enneagram type.

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