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core: Preserve more specific existing failure code


core: Preserve more specific existing failure code

* src/decrypt.c (_gpgme_decrypt_status_handler): Ignore received failure
code if we already have a specific failure code.
* src/encrypt.c (_gpgme_encrypt_status_handler): Ditto.
* src/export.c (export_status_handler): Ditto.
* src/genkey.c (genkey_status_handler): Ditto.
* src/keylist.c (keylist_status_handler): Ditto.
* src/keysign.c (keysign_status_handler): Ditto.
* src/passwd.c (passwd_status_handler): Ditto.
* src/revsig.c (revsig_status_handler): Ditto.
* src/setexpire.c (setexpire_status_handler): Ditto.
* src/sign.c (_gpgme_sign_status_handler): Ditto.
* src/tofupolicy.c (tofu_policy_status_handler): Ditto.
* src/verify.c (_gpgme_verify_status_handler): Ditto.

Usually, a process emits at most one failure code. But some operations
like the creation of an encrypted archive involve multiple chained
processes, so that multiple failure codes can be received. We want to
keep the first specific failure code we received. Further failure codes
are only parsed if we received just an unspecific "general error" so