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qt: Support WKD lookup without implicit import


qt: Support WKD lookup without implicit import

* lang/qt/src/Makefile.am (qgpgme_sources): Add qgpgmewkdlookupjob.cpp,
(qgpgme_headers): Add wkdlookupjob.h, wkdlookupresult.h.
(camelcase_headers): Add WKDLookupJob, WKDLookupResult.
(private_qgpgme_headers): Add qgpgmewkdlookupjob.h.
(qgpgme_moc_sources): Add qgpgmewkdlookupjob.moc, wkdlookupjob.moc.
* lang/qt/src/job.cpp: Define c'tor and d'tor of WKDLookupJob.
* lang/qt/src/protocol.h (Protocol::wkdLookupJob): New.
* lang/qt/src/protocol_p.h (Protocol::wkdLookupJob): New.
* lang/qt/src/qgpgmewkdlookupjob.cpp, lang/qt/src/qgpgmewkdlookupjob.h,
lang/qt/src/wkdlookupjob.h, lang/qt/src/wkdlookupresult.cpp,
lang/qt/src/wkdlookupresult.h: New.
* lang/qt/tests/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Add final.test.
(the_tests): New.
(TESTS): Remove all t-*. Add $(the_tests) and final.test.
(moc_files): Add t-wkdlookup.moc.
(t_wkdlookup_SOURCES): New.
(noinst_PROGRAMS): Add t-wkdlookup.
* lang/qt/tests/final.test: New.
* lang/qt/tests/t-support.h (QTest::toString): New template
specialization for std::string.
* lang/qt/tests/t-wkdlookup.cpp: New.

The new WKDLookupJob allows running a WKD lookup without implicit
import of the retrieved key. This makes it possible to do WKD lookups
similar to keyserver lookups (aka external keylistings).

The new final.test pseudo test stops a dirmngr that may have been
started by the tests. The toString() template specialization enables
printing of the actual and expected values in case of failed QCOMPARE.