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--timeout documented default (0) != real default (60)
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Authored by jankratochvil on Aug 26 2021, 10:38 AM.



gpg will timeout when asking for a PIN. This is annoying when you are encrypting x00GB of data taking half an hour to timeout afterwards asking for the passphrase just for one minute.

Current documentation:

'--timeout SECONDS'
  To disable the timeout and wait indefinitely, set this to 0, which is the default.

Sure the other option is to fix the documentation (T5548). Then one would need:

echo 'pinentry-timeout 0' >>~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf

But personally I find more infinity as a better default.

Test Plan

Steps to Reproduce:

echo >/tmp/echo;time gpg -es /tmp/echo

Actual results:

gpg: signing failed: Timeout
gpg: /tmp/echo: sign+encrypt failed: Timeout
real	1m0.111s

Expected results:
Waiting infinitely as the documentation says.

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