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Improve PassswordDialog design and accessibility

Authored by CarlSchwan on Jan 29 2024, 12:29 PM.


  • Use standard KPasswordLineEdit
  • Add QLabel for the two text fields
  • Bind existing QLabel to their control with setBuddy


Test Plan

Compile and run fine

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rGPGPASS GnuPG Password Manager
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CarlSchwan created this revision.

Can we chop this in two (the KPasswordLineEdit thing and the rest) ? I think the rest can go in straight away, but I'd like to play around a bit with KPLE myself.

I think there is a few things to consider.

Given the amount of actions there is on the 'main view', I'm not sure actions are the right thing to use, an thus not KPasswordLineEdit on the main view. Having two different places for the 'eye-icon' (haha. eye-con) might be confusing.

The Password header should maybe on the same line as the input widget

I'm unsure if one should maybe add a KSeparator after the Character set / length inputs, if there is templates enabled, could be an idea.

Anyways. This is a screenshot of this patch with a couple of templated fields:

(note screenshot is taken without patched KPasswordLineEdit)

I've also started to think that maybe the templated fields should also get a colon, though it is interesting how that plays with RTL environments.

  • Use QFormLayout
  • Collapse password generation option by default
  • Add tooltip to new collapse button
  • Adapt to final name of the enum in KPaswordLineEdit
This revision was not accepted when it landed; it landed in state Needs Review.Mar 19 2024, 5:21 PM
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