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Bump gettext version to 0.21
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Authored by gniibe on Mar 16 2024, 5:32 PM.



All I've done is bump the version in and run autopoint --force

It *looks* like this was already done in b37c68f2 (mostly). I'm a bit confused as to the discrepancy that ended up happening between po/ &'s gettext versions. Let's make them
match again.

Test Plan

Project configures & compiles correctly (even after running autopoint --force against the README.GIT's best wishes)

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rE libgpg-error
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Thank you for the reminder. I will update the version in for AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION, when I will confirm other developers' emvironment.

Please note that it's not right running autopoint --force or gettexize --force for a project which is already using gettext; For example, the file po/Makevars.template is a template for po/Makevars, which is not intended to be distributed.
The version specified in is used by, so, the version should be conservative. On the other hand, m4 macro update from newer version is useful.

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