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Pinentry and cache update race
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Two clients asking for the passpharse at about the same time. The second client
misses the updated cache value.

Client-1: Client-2:

enter get_pw        
if not in cache
   start pinentry
                         enter get_pw      
                         if not in cache   
                            [wait for other pinentry return]
   pinentry returns        
   put pw in cache          start pinentry
return pw                   pinentry returns
                            put pw in cache     
                         return pw



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Note: T1190 is a bug report regarding this.

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I tried running:

  echo | gpg -s -a

in two terminal. In the first terminal, I got a pinentry prompt (I'm using
pinentry-tty) and in the second, gpg2 appeared to freeze. Once I entered my
passphrase correctly in the first terminal, the first gpg2 process split out the
signed message and less than a second later, the second did as well.

The code also suggests that this is fixed (agent/findkey.c)

      /* If the pinentry is currently in use, we wait up to 60 seconds
         for it to close and check the cache again.  This solves a common
         situation where several requests for unprotecting a key have
         been made but the user is still entering the passphrase for
         the first request.  Because all requests to agent_askpin are
         serialized they would then pop up one after the other to
         request the passphrase - despite that the user has already
         entered it and is then available in the cache.  This
         implementation is not race free but in the worst case the
         user has to enter the passphrase only once more. */

Interestingly, this comment is from 2006 (commit: df52700f), which predates this
bug report.

As such, I'm changing this bug's status to needs-eg. Perhaps Werner can shed
some more light on this issue.

I am pretty sure that there is a race. The two sessions are not mutally locked
and thus the second client may ask for the passprase again.

  Pinentry-1 returns to Client-1
  task switch
  Client-2 now checks the cache again, does not see an update, starts Pinentry-2
  task switch
  Client-1 updates the cache

How ever it will be a rare problem and it would at best be annoying.