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pinentry: show only one password dialog - queue others
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When one or multiple applications ask to unlock a key, pinentry displays a
dialog for each time it was asked to unlock a key. Once opened the password
dialogs also persist even if the very same key was already unlocked and the
password is cached.

For certain applications (especially chat applications) this can lead to a
sizeable number of password dialogs, which is very annoying and in my case
(gajim / pinentry-qt / gpg-agent) this effectively keeps me from using GPG.

This could also be solved by implementing such a queue into the client
application (gajim in this case), but I'm not convinced that this would be the
proper solution.

keep up your great work ;)

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Actually there is a queue. However it needs a redesign to check again right
before the passpharse dialog comes up. I think this is a real bug.

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