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Help usage text not properly aligned on UTF-8 terminal
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When translating dirmngr to Czech I found out that variable names containing
multi-byte wide character misaligns the option description on UTF-8 terminal.
This is caused by counting bytes (chars) instead of wide characters probably.

This bug can be found in dirmngr-1.0.3, gpgsm-2.0.11 and other tools probably.
It's not serious fault, it's just annoying.



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Can you give some examples? In GnuPG we fixed that at some places.

$ gpgsm --help
gpgsm (GnuPG) 2.0.11

--assume-binary              předpokládat vstup v binárním formátu

-r, --recipient ID_UŽIVATELE šifrovat pro ID_UŽIVATELE

--prefer-system-dirmngr      použít systémový dirmngr, je-li dostupný

Here you can see that --recipient option USER-ID translated as ID_UŽIVATELE
contains one two-byte character, thus the explanation text is shifted one
character to left.

Tested in LANG=cs_CZ.UTF-8 enviroment with not-yet published Czech translation.
I will submit the trasnlation into this bug tracking system as another issue

The same problem with dirmngr:

$ dirmngr --help
dirmngr 1.0.3

--options SOUBOR             načte volby ze SOUBORU
--debug-level ÚROVEŇ       nastaví ladicí úroveň na ÚROVEŇ
--no-detach                  neodpojí se od konzole

I once fixed such a thing in the past - need to seen what goes wrong in your case.

Please do send a translation to the BTS but to (we need
the usual FSF copyright disclaimer)

I sent the translations as bugs #1144 (gnupg-2) and #1145 (dirmngr) a week ago.

Please do send a translation to the BTS but to

Does is it mean to use BTS and not use e-mail, or did you forget to add a `not'
to the first sentence?

we need the usual FSF copyright disclaimer

See, I (Petr Písař) have my
disclaimer at FSF already for translation purposes. Is it enough, or do you want
explicit assignment for GnuPG as software?

Right, I noticed this later.

I forgot the NO. However, this time I'll take it from the BTS.

Thanks for the disclaimer; no special papers for GnuPG are needed.