tests/parse-test needs -lgpg-errors
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tests/parse-test needs to be linked against gpg-errors but is not; this leads to
a link failure with GNU gold; see http://bugs.debian.org/556068

Patch attached.



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Please fix GNU gold ;-) All brands of Posix systems with their toolchains have
no problems - only this new linker.

neal added a subscriber: neal.Nov 6 2015, 11:42 AM

The Debian package still carries this patch. Since Niibe is (Debian)
downstream, it would be good if he could take another look at this.

neal assigned this task to gniibe.Nov 6 2015, 11:42 AM
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In the current master, there is no problem.
In Debian, we needed to add -lgpg-error due to questionable patch introduced by
Debian itself: https://bugs.debian.org/405238

When we use libgcrypt installed by released version of libgcrypt, the master
branch of poldi has no problem.

New Debian package is uploaded based on master branch of Poldi.
Problem has gone, so, closing this issue.

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