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gpg-agent/pinentry does work on certain ttys (/dev/pts/?)
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gnupg-agent 2.0.14-0kk1 (same problem with 2.0.13) and pinentry 0.7.6-0kk1 on
Debian lenny:

When I want to decrypt or sign mails using mutt (with gpgme) and have no
$DISPLAY variable set (screen, ssh session or just by unsetting DISPLAY) it
usually works.

But then the tty is /dev/pts/0 or /dev/pts/2, pinentry(-curses) does not appear!
I did not find other single-digit pts ttys to verify, but other bug reports
indicate that any /dev/pts/(single-digit) exposes the problem. On other ttys
(e.g. /dev/pts/46 or /110) it works fine on the same system.

Other reports that might have been caused by this problem:



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What pinentry version are you using (qt or another one)?
Did you set the GPG_TTY envvar?

  • Werner Koch via BTS <> [20100317 16:00]:

Werner Koch <> added the comment:

What pinentry version are you using (qt or another one)?

pinentry-qt is called, but since being used without a display, I get
the curses dialog in those cases it works.

Did you set the GPG_TTY envvar?

Yes, in my .bashrc.
(but I had the identical problem in the past without GPG_TTY, too)


Still a problem with gnupg-agent 2.0.14-0kk2 and pinentry (or pinentry-qt in
curses mode because of unset $DISPLAY) 0.7.6-0kk1 on Debian lenny:
Does not work on /dev/pts/7, works on /dev/pts/72

Just had the problem on /dev/pts/9 while no problems since 2010-07-29 (because I
usually start mutt in a certain screen window where I made sure that it has a
high-enough tty number)

If in the same terminal (screen window) I export GPG_AGENT_INFO to a different
gpg agent which has access to a $DISPLAY (mutt still without $DISPLAY),
pinentry-qt opens and works fine.

Today I just had the problem again (/dev/pts/9, still same verisons as in T1203 (thomas on Jul 29 2010, 03:35 PM / Roundup))

Sounds good. I'll test it as soon as we have a kk package for the next release.

STABLE-BRANCH-2-0 344d72b
has the fix. Patch below.

  • a/common/session-env.c

+++ b/common/session-env.c
@@ -183,10 +183,11 @@ update_var (session_env_t se, const char *string, size_t

else if (!strncmp (se->array[idx]->name, string, namelen)
         && strlen (se->array[idx]->name) == namelen)
  • /* Check if the value is the same; no need to update it,
  • except for updating the default flag. */ if (strlen (se->array[idx]->value) == valuelen) {

+ /* The new value has the same length. We can update it
+ in-place. */
+ memcpy (se->array[idx]->value, value, valuelen);

  se->array[idx]->is_default = !!set_default;
  return 0;

the stable 2.0 version (currently version 2.0.16) is known as STABLE-BRANCH-2.0;
the stable 1.4 version of GnuPG (1.4.11) is known under as STABLE-BRANCH-2.0.
I guess I should look at the first of the two :)

Bernhard, can someone provide patched kk binaries?

oops. Website fixed. The branch names are
Note the dashs. We don't use a dot because the names date back to CVS and that
does not allow a dot in the name.

I did not have a chance to test 2.0.17 or the patch yet, but for the archive:
I just have an instance of gpg-agent, which does not allow ttys matching
"/dev/pts/??", i.e. two digits. On three-digit-ttys it works. Maybe the
behaviour depends on the length of tty when the gpg-agent was started first or
something similar.

Anyway, looks like the same problem to me, so no further investigation needed.

Meanwhile even 2.0.18 is out. Closing it.

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