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GpgOL 1.1.1 and Outlook 2007 - encrypt does not work at all
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Log file attached. First block is initializing, when outlook starts.Second block
pushing the encryption button in a new message (nothing happens), and third
block pushing the sign button(works) .
The log shows
12156/3296/ERROR/ext-commands.cpp:set_crypto_flags: inspector not found
12390/3296/ERROR/inspectors.cpp:update_crypto_info: Crypto Info button not found
22671/3296/engine.c:engine_cancel: filter 073B2618: canceled
that I cannot understand.I tried to reinstall the latest version,but same.
Any help would be really appreciated.Thanks.

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Uhm five years and not reply ;-) Sorry but we did not have much time to work on
GpgOL and the little time we had we spent on Outlook 2010 and later (which is a
different codebase)

The code for 2003 and 2007 is still basically unmaintained. We are looking into
the possibility to remove 2003 support and use the 2010 and later codebase for
2007, too. From your debug output it looks like you are using exchange. This is
not supported for the < 2010 addon. (It is supporeted in the current development
version that will be part of gpg4win 3.0.0)

So you can either switch to Outlook 2010 or later (and for now use the gpg4win
3.0.0 test version) ( ) or hope that
we will enable that codebase for 2007, too.

Sorry that I am marking this as nobug but we will not fix this for 2007 only and
in later versions it already works.