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gpg2 process hangs on permission problem (Windows)
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new folder
  2. Create a new file in that folder
  3. Go to properties -> Security and deny yourself Read & Execute and Read rights
  4. Try to encrypt the folder using gpgex and kleopatra.

Result: The progressbar does not move and the dialog hangs around until you
abort it. Afterwards you can no longer do any other operations until you kill

If you just deny yourself Read access (and not Read&Execute) the action will
correctly fail with an error that you do not have read access.

What makes this issue more serious in my opinion than it first sounds is that if
you have such a file (which might even be a system created one) somehwere in a
large directory tree you want to encrypt it is nearly impossible to find it.
Try encrypting your /Users directory for example will always trigger this.

Happens both with smime and openpgp.



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Can you please try to do this from the command line?

Can you give me an example of how to call gpgtar? From the incomplete details
output of kleopatra and gpgtar --help
I've put together:
C:\>"\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG\gpgtar.exe" -e --openpgp --skip-crypto --output
test.tar.gpg c:\Users\intevation\Desktop\test_bad

This gives me:
gpgtar: skipping invalid name `c:/Users/intevation/Desktop/test_bad'

If I add -r for recipient (which i guess would also be neccessary to encrypt
something) i get 'Ungültige Option "-r"'

Running gpg on the file directly:

C:\Users\intevation\Desktop\test_bad>gpg2 --encrypt --openpgp -r andre.heinecke
"c:\Users\intevation\Desktop\test_bad\New Text Document.txt"
gpg: 'c:\\Users\\intevation\\Desktop\\test_bad\\New Text Document.txt' kann
nicht ge÷ffnet werden: No such file or directory
gpg: c:\\Users\\intevation\\Desktop\\test_bad\\New Text Document.txt: encryption
failed: No such file or directory

New Text Document.txt exists in that path and has the permissions set to
Read&Execute deny and Read Deny

C:\Users\intevation\Desktop\test_bad>gpg2 --encrypt --openpgp -r andre.heinecke
"c:\Users\intevation\Desktop\test_bad\New Text Document 2.txt"
^ Encrypts ok New Text Document 2.txt has normal permissions. (Just adding it
here to show that the path escaping and other options are ok)

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