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Out of secure memory while generating several keys in batchmode
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Im trying to create a bunch of keys pair in a shell script and each time i try to
generate more than 12 key(4096bits).
gpg: out of secure memory while allocating 1308 bytes
gpg: (this may be caused by too many secret keys used simultaneously or due to
excessive large key sizes)

The command i use in my script is
gpg --batch --armor --gen-key foo
where foo contains info for keys generation

I tried to increase locked memory with ulimit -l but it didnt fix the issue
What else can I do to increase secure memory or to force it to not use it at all?
Or maybe i can free the secure memory somehow?

Thanks for your help



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1.4.5 is pretty old. Please try 1.4.11 and check whether the bug persists.

thanks for your answer, ill give it a try with a newer version.

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I've just pushed rGde441cb9cc87, taken from the gnupg-devel mailing list, message-id:

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Patch applied and pushed to STABLE-BRANCH-1-4.

This patch was released with 1.4.22