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GnuPG ignores --use-utf8-strings for encrypted filenames (Windows)
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I have a file with a filename containing characters above ASCII \x7F. So this
char is codepage-sensitive.
When i encrypt this file, the encrypted filename is \x-escaped, but in Win1252
and not UTF-8.

I've tried it also with --charset and checked my gpg.conf - with no better results.

I added a screenshot, which also shows, that my filename is threaded as Win1252
and not as UTF-8 or cp850 (console).

Information about my system:
Windows 7 64-bit SP1 German
Default Codepages: console (850), Files (1252) - that are the defaults in the
german windows version

GnuPG: 1.4.11 AND 2.0.17 - Problem appears with both executables
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