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Please add pkg-config support
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It has been requested, that the gpgme library adds support for pkg-config
instead of or in addition to gpgme-config. See the ExtLink.


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dleidert set External Link to 8 2012, 7:55 PM
dleidert added a subscriber: dleidert.

In general I don't like pkg-config because it adds an extra dependecy above the
required libraries and introduces other problems. However, for GPA we already
have lot of dependencies and thus I would accept a patch.

This won't add a dependency on pkg-config. The reporter requests, that you
ship a .pc file, so packages dependening on gpgme can use pkg-config to
determine compiler and linker flags when building against gpgme. There is no
request to make gpa use pkg-config.

The gpgme-config scripts goes along with the gpgme.m4 code. A .pc file won't be
able to do what we can do with this combination.

Please disregard my stupid comments about GPA. I was on the wrong track.

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