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libksba's configure script reports "--with-libgpg-error-prefix", expects "--with-gpg-error-prefix"
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When running libksba's configure script, passing it the
"--with-libgpg-error-prefix" (as described in ./configure --help) will result in
it being unable to find libgpg-error if it was installed with a custom --prefix.
The correct option turns out to be --with-gpg-error-prefix.

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This happens because AM_PATH_GPG_ERROR uses AC_ARG_WITH
in a bad way. First it parses the official name, which
is --with-libgpg-error-prefix. But then it tries to implement
a fallback to the old undocumented option name
--with-gpg-error-prefix. Unfortunately, that fallback
unconditionally overwrites the result of the first

The enclosed patch fixes this issue.

This patch needs to be installed in both the libksba
and the gnupg repositories.

The same issue was however fixed in the libassuan repo
in 97ce28a430129ce997783c6196ccfe737f5b3007. Applying
that solution in the libksba and gnupg repos would work
just as fine as my patch (and reduce the proliferation
of differing versions).

I think T1526 is a duplicate of this bug.

I think T1561 is the same bug, but in the gnupg

werner claimed this task.

This has been fixed in libgpg-error and the gpg-error.m4 macros have been
updated in all gnupg related libraries.