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gpg-agent spawning all-consuming scdaemon process
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I just added a rule in /.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf to disable scdaemon, but before I
did, I was routinely returning to my computer to find that gpg-agent had started
scdaemon (which I don't use), and that scdaemon had grown to over a gigabyte in

The system is an Arch Linux installation, up to date as of 2013-04-25, running off
a 32gb MicroSD card with no swap.

I can't find any relevant log entries - advice on what to attach for diagnosis
would be appreciated.

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To be useful bug report, please specify version number of your program. Also,
please show us your configuration file (if any). Specifically, do you have
enable-ssh-support option for gpg-agent?

To diagnose, please create a file .gnupg/scdaemon.conf with something like:

debug-level guru

log-file /var/tmp/scd.log

Let us know the content of the file, when you see the problem.