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Gpa crashes on windows when copying a key to the clipboard
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Right click on a key and select copy.

For me GPA crashes more often then not but sometimes not. From the behavior it
looks like uninitalized memory is assumed to be Zero.

I'll build myself a debug version and get a backtrace.

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Backtrace attached. Sorry that it is an image but windows was blocking me from
copying the gdb output to the clipboard.

In the backtrace gpa_backtrace2.png you can see that the crash happens:

If we apply the patch it no longer crashes, but as the error handling in that
patch is just to abort, the text is not copied into the clipboard and we do not
get an error in GPA.

So still some more debugging why invalid utf-8 data is sent from gpa.
As the data worked on comes from GPA and "should" be valid utf-8

Fixed in d3f20e7. Applied patch to gpg4win as well.

werner removed a project: Testing.