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Manual page and --help output discrepancies
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We have run a scan of manual pages that compares them to the --help output.

There are numerous options in manual pages that are not displayed in the --help
output. This is probably not a critical problem as there are so many options of
gnupg2 so that the --help output would be too long.

On the other hand it is important that the options supported by the tools are
documented in the manual pages (tolerably except for deprecated and unsupported
ones - but these should not be in the --help output either). There are some
options like --server that is present in the --help output and not in manual page.

There are also some typos in the manual pages which were found by the scan.


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Feb 15 2014, 1:00 AM

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Right, --help displays only a selection of commands. This is on purpose.
gpg --server is not ready for use and you are ready that it should not be
displayed in the help pager either.

I'll go over your list as time permits. Thanks.

Okay, that took long :-(: commit da4db172 - will go into 2.1.2.

    I added options shown with --help but missing in the man page.
    However, --help won't show everything listed in the man age and
    frankly there are even more options not listed anywhere (to see them
    use --dump-options).

I also kept one British translation ;-)
Thanks for the report.

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