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Old one, please fix upstream.

The version taken from GnuPG 1.4 assumes any cross-compiled package have
prefixed underscores, which is not the case; by using libtool's own macro,
we can avoid the whole issue.


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Please report a concrete bug. Due to the often instable libtool developemnt, I
hestitate to change tests which have shown to work on a wide variety of
platforms. Note that we also don't use any new version of libtool but stick to
an old and stable one with our own fixes.

Pretty old. We should re-evaluate this for the 1.7 release.

There are still problems with libtool; see recent Debian problems on building
gnupg for Windows. Thus we won't chnage libtool for 1.7.0.

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I am closing this, because this particular change was rejected. Eventually libtool might get updated on its own merits, so no need to track this here.