crypto/des/ofb64enc.c: Uninitialized variable: d
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in void DES_ofb64_encrypt(), line 84, 85 and 96 (spotted by cppcheck) :

l2c(v0,dp);<--- Uninitialized variable: d
l2c(v1,dp);<--- Uninitialized variable: d
while (l--)
        if (n == 0)
                t=ti[0]; l2c(t,dp);
                t=ti[1]; l2c(t,dp);
        *(out++)= *(in++)^d[n];<--- Uninitialized variable: d
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That is OpenSSL and not GnuPG.

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That is OpenSSL and not GnuPG.

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sry for using the wrong tool/link- my fault

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