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libgpg-error 1.13 does not link on Solaris 10
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Compiling libgpg-error 1.13 fails due to an unresolved reference to sched_yield.
The additional linker flag "-lrt" is needed.


>= 1.13

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Is this still a problem with 1.17 - guess yes. Can you please try and send me
the config.log from 1.17 or current master?

Sorry, this question was lost due to Christmas, or whatever...

I can no longer easily test on Solaris 10, but I assume that the
function still needs -lrt. But I can report that in Solaris 11.2,
sched_yield no longer needs this flag. I have built version 1.20 of
libgpg-error within pkgsrc without this change.

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Okay, so we can conclude that this is a problem on Solaris < 11 only. Without
having a way to test it I hesitate to change it. Thanks for testing.

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I think that we could add -lrt in configure script.
Solaris also has a problem for lock object.

Its pthread_mutex_t seems have alignment of 8-byte.
In posix-lock-obj.h, we will have a padding after vers and the union u.
So, it fails at assert (!"sizeof lock obj");


libgpg-error 1.22 is out with fix. Please test.

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Closing, as I confirmed that -lrt is not needed any more in Solaris Userland