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FIPS 186-4 compliance patches
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There are several changes needed to make libgcrypt code compliant with FIPS 186-4.

Some of the algorithm steps changed since 186-2/3.
According to SP 800-131A, the mod size 1024 and SHA-1 for Digital
Signature Generation, PQG Generation and Key Pair Generation are disallowed
after 2013.

Can you please review the attached patches?

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We can consider that for 1.7.
Can you please send a DCO to gcrypt-devel (see doc/HACKING).

Thank you, I'll send the DCO.
Also, I'll rebase the patches against current git master and adjust them to
conform with the doc/HACKING requirements.

The patches are now rebased on top of f7505b550dd591e33d3a3fab9277c43c460f1bad.

In addition to these a modified rsa generator is needed to be FIPS 186-4 compliant.

We ended up using this patch from Fedora:

neal added a subscriber: civ.

Well it took quite some time but I have now commited all 10 patches to master.
I have a fixed a few things (mostly style).

I have not yet added the Fedora patch. I'll ask Tomáš whether he can send me a
signed off patch.

Meanwhile I also commited the Fedora patch.

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werner removed a project: Restricted Project.May 6 2016, 8:32 PM

Shoul all be done for 1.7.0.