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Allow to batch up key refreshs in dirmngr
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Dirmngr should be able to retrieve keys on its own from requests stored in a
queue. This way gpg could perodically issue key refresh requests without any
user intervention. Dirmngr would take care to work through the queue at random
intervals. gpg should keep a a last-refresh timestamp.

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I would like to see this happen. It would be great if dirmngr could make
parcimonie obsolete, for example.

(should this be "category: dirmngr" instead of just adding it as a topic?)

I would also like to see this.

Maybe --refresh-keys without arguments for "the entire keyring" should also ask
for a confirmation "This will leak your entire keyring to the keyserver and
possibly an attacker. Do you really want to do this? (y/N)", or "--yes".