ecc-curves.c: dereference of null pointer
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libtool: compile: /usr/local/bin/scan-build/ccc-analyzer -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I.
-I.. -I../src -I../src -I/usr/local/include -g3 -O1 -fvisibility=hidden -Wall
-MT ecc-curves.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/ecc-curves.Tpo -c ecc-curves.c -o ecc-curves.o

ecc-curves.c:1020:12: warning: Access to field 'y' results in a dereference of a
null pointer (loaded from field 'G')

return mpi_is_const (ec->G->y) && !copy? ec->Q->y : mpi_copy (ec->Q->y);

../src/mpi.h:112:32: note: expanded from macro 'mpi_is_const'
#define mpi_is_const(a) ((a) && ((a)->flags&32))


1 warning generated.


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