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Password too long
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After ugrading gnupg from 2.0.26-r3 to 2.0.27 I could not unlock my private key
with seahorse / evolution.
The Error message said (while unlocking) "Password too long".
After downgrading again, everything worked as expected.

The password is quite long, but why adding a constraint on the length when it's
not limited by design?



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I don't know version 2.0.26-r3 - it must be a modified version of your
distribution. I have also not found the string "Password too long" in any
GnuPG source.

Did you fixed gnome-keyring; which modifies gnupg at runtime? See

Sorry. Message was "Passphrase too long" as in agent/call-pinentry.c.

2.0.26-r3 is just release 2.0.26 with some gentoo specific patches.

I'm just wondering, because the problem can be fixed if I downgrade only gnupg.
I'm not touching any other package.

What about gnupg? Is it intended for "big" passphrases? sm/minip12.c checks for
a length of 63/2 (don't know if that check has anyhting to do with the passphrase.

Do you think it makes sense to file a bug in gnome-keyring or anything similar?

Hi, thomai,

Please run something like the following:

  echo | gpg2 --sign

Does gpg2 complain the the connection to gpg agent was hijacked? If so, please
disable GNOME Keyring and try to reproduce the problem.

If the problem continues to exist, can you tell me approximately how long your
password is?



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Password too long error to import p12

Please use shorter password.
For gpgsm, maximum is 31 chars.