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pinentry-qt should fallback to curses if $DISPLAY is set but unavailable
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Description reports that pinentry-gtk-2 (and presumably other
graphical pinentries) fail hard if $DISPLAY is set but cannot be opened.

They fall back to curses if $DISPLAY is unset. Maybe they should fallback to
curses if they know they are connected to a TTY *and* $DISPLAY is set but

Below is an example that could have succeeded if this workaround was in place:

0 dkg@alice:~$ DISPLAY=:noexist pinentry-gtk-2

(pinentry-gtk-2:16257): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :noexist
1 dkg@alice:~$

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Hm, this is indeed fixed for pinentry-gtk2 and pinentry-gnome3, but pinentry-qt
is still broken:

0 $ DISPLAY=:3 pinentry-qt
QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display :3
134 $

anyone skilled in qt want to fix this outstanding issue?

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Andre, can you look at it?

Testing this I noticed that the curses fallback did not work at all for Qt5
versions of pinentry-qt even if display was unset. This i fixed with cd7b35e

But the DISPLAY=:noexist case is more complicated. The GTK pinentry does a
gtk_init_check which Qt does not have. I don't want to mess with X directly and
would have to look into this more how to do this then only when X is used etc.

There is a similar question on stackoverflow and I don't find any answers there

I've changed the topic to reflect that this is a feature currently not available
in pinentry-qt but I don't see it as a high priority issue.

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