Change gpg-agent to support passing command line options to pinentry
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It should be possible to pass command line arguments to pinentry from the
gpg-agent.conf file. Looking at the code (agent/call-pinentry.c:start_pinentry)
as well as testing indicate this is not supported. See T2034 for details.

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gpg-agent has a --allow-emacs-pinentry option which should solve dkg's concerns
of unintended use of the emapcs pinebtry feature.

Thus I change your request for a generic method to pass options to pinentry to a
feature request.

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Without a strong use case, I am closing this feature request. It may well turn out that like --allow-emacs-pinentry, the best solution in each case will be to add specific options, and then a generic pass-through will never be required. And we don't want to add features just in case somebody might need them in the future.