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Gpg4win: Migrate Keyring to Keybox
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While testing Issue2135 I've become aware how slow the key access is on Windows.

Using a pubring.gpg it takes 1m 56s on my testsystem to try to import the 536
keys from the sks dump before an error occurs. I find this excessive.

I'm saying "try" here because that was a second run where the import was already
done and no key was changed.

With a fresh homedir (keybox) the import only takes ~20sec and a second run ~7sec.

While this is still an order of magnitude slower then on my GNU/Linux system
it's a huge improvement over the keyring.

This makes me wonder if we should migrate the public keyring to keybox for
Windows with 2.1 to fix this issue?
Having only one supported format should also help with maintenance / support.

Werner do you have an opinion on this?



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Debian has this with migrate-pubring-from-classic-gpg ( )

My opinion is that I want that for Gpg4win, too. I could do it once Kleopatra is started.

aheinecke claimed this task.

I looked into it a bit. As bulk import is highly inefficient copying the keyring lots and lots of times the migration of a keyring with 1000keys takes around 6 Minutes.

I don't really know where to fit this. For a "waiting" period this is too long. So maybe somewhere in the background? But this invites problems when the user keeps using the keyring while the migration is happening.

In general I think that GnuPG itself should do this if it makes much sense. But for Gpg4win to do this it would probably create too many problems.
I'm hoping instead for a solution of T3793 to solve the keyring access times once and for all.