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GPGOL: "Sign by default" will also "Encrypt by default"
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MS Outlook 2016 MSO (16.0.6701.1017) 32-bit

GPGOL will default to encrypting an email when only "sign by default" is
checked in Options. To reproduce:

  • Switch GPGOL to "Enable simplified interface (experimental)" and restart


  • Create "New Email", go back into GPGOL options and choose "Sign new

messages by default", but leave "Encrypt new messages by default" unchecked

  • Close new email window and open another "New Email" window
  • Observe that both "Encyrpt" and "Sign" buttons are activated
  • Enter a recipient and "Test" for subject and body, hit "Send" and see that

message is indeed being both signed and encrypted, meaning this is not just
a graphical issue

I've seen this issue with GPGOL 1.4.0. I did not test it with 1.3.0.