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GPA: Add support to query a key from a command line argument.
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KMail (and gpgol in the upcoming no-mime branch) call
kleopatra --query <fingerprint>
to show the details of a key.

This command either shows the details of a key if the key is available locally
or starts a keyserver search if it is not available.

As there is no such command in GPA i'm currently showing the message box:

"Could not find Kleopatra. Please reinstall Gpg4win with the Kleopatra component

When someone clicks on key details in GpgOL and Kleopatra is not found.

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This is still true even after the latest changes to GpgOL not to require Kleopatra or GPA through the UIServer protocol. The details dialog / search still uses Kleopatra or GPA as a fallback.