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TOFU conflict not part of GpgME's sigsum
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Clarification: When I talk about tofu conflict I mean the following scenario:
User A verifies 11 Messages with Key B from User B

then the conflict is: User A verifies another message with Key C from User B.

When verifying a message with a tofu conflict gpgme returns an empty sigsum a
conflict is only detectable if you iterate over all userids of the signature and
check for "PolicyAsk". I think this is a bug.


(kf5) aheinecke@esus ~/a/k/b/g/tests> GNUPGHOME=~/arbeit/gpg4win/testconflict
./run-verify --verbose ~/arbeit/gpg4win/conflict-msg.asc
Original file name: [none]
Signature 0

status ....: Success
summary ...:
fingerprint: 535EE3A49BB8F14C1622B64358E583B9012747A5
created ...: 1477396691
expires ...: 0
validity ..: unknown
val.reason : Success
pubkey algo: 303 (EdDSA)
digest algo: 8 (SHA256)
pka address: [none]
pka trust .: n/a
other flags:
primary fpr: 535EE3A49BB8F14C1622B64358E583B9012747A5
tofu addr .:
  validity : 2 (little history)
  policy ..: 5 (ask)
  signcount: 2
    first..: 2016-10-25 11:48:04
    last ..: 2016-10-25 11:58:44
  encrcount: 0
    first..: none
    last ..: none
  desc ....: Verified 2 signatures in the past 18

minutes, and

encrypted 0 messages.

(kf5) aheinecke@esus ~/a/k/b/g/tests> GNUPGHOME=~/arbeit/gpg4win/testconflict
gpg2 --verify ~/arbeit/gpg4win/conflict-msg.asc
gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions on homedir
gpg: It is only intended for test purposes and should NOT be
gpg: used in a production environment or with production keys!
gpg: Signature made Tue 25 Oct 2016 01:58:11 PM CEST
gpg: using EDDSA key 58E583B9012747A5
gpg: Good signature from "aheinecke3 for conflic (Test key)
<>" [undefined]
The email address "" is associated with 2 keys!
Please indicate whether this email address should be associated with key
535EE3A49BB8F14C1622B64358E583B9012747A5 or whether you think someone is
impersonating "".

This key's user IDs:

  aheinecke3 for conflic (Test key) <> (policy: ask)

Statistics for keys with the email address "":

  535E E3A4 9BB8 F14C 1622  B643 58E5 83B9 0127 47A5 (this key):
    Encrypted 0 messages.
    Verified 2 messages over the past 7 days.
  B0C3 D410 5EFE B59F F684  4A6F 8725 2BE2 7FF7 506D (policy: ask):
    Encrypted 0 messages.
    Verified 11 messages over the past 7 days.

Normally, an email address is associated with a single key. However,
people sometimes generate a new key if their key is too old or they think
it might be compromised. Alternatively, a new key may indicate a
man-in-the-middle attack! Before accepting this association, you should
talk to or call the person to make sure this new key is legitimate.

(G)ood, (A)ccept once, (U)nknown, (R)eject once, (B)ad?

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I suspect that the problem is the same as T2817.

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