GpgmeppConfig.cmake is broken (contains @libsuffix@)
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When I build gpgme-1.8.0 from source, the installed
/usr/lib/cmake/Gpgmepp/GpgmeppcConfig.cmake file contains:

set_target_properties(Gpgmepp PROPERTIES

INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES "/usr/include/gpgme++;/usr/include"
INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES "pthread;/usr/lib/libgpgme@libsuffix@;-lassuan




This is causing both kwallet and libkleo (and possibly others) to fail to build
with an error like:

make[2]: *** No rule to make target '/usr/lib/libgpgme@libsuffix@', needed by


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I am very sorry for this problem, was a bad mistake.

This was fixed immediately after the release but we need a new release to roll
it out.

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