CRLs are not automatically loaded, when trying to send a mail to S/MIME recipient
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Steps to Reproduce:

Have latest version of Kleoptra and GpgOL installed
Have one certifciate to sign and encrypt with and one to sign and encrypt to,
preferably from two different CAs
Enable S/MIME in GpgOL
Write Mail to the recepient, where you have the public certificate and trustchain of
Try to send mail
Choose the desired certificate
-> Error, that the mail can't be signed/encrpyted, because there is no valid CRL

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werner added a subscriber: werner.Mar 6 2017, 12:43 PM

Which gpg4win version?
Does this work on the command line?

This was with gnupg 2.1.19 I think it's a duplicate of T2984 if the CRL
can't be loaded sending an S/MIME mail will fail.

I just tested it with gpg4win3.0.0-beta215

gpgsm -v --output Downloads\kitten.gpg --recipient


gpgsm: certificate #13/CN=Email CA 2013,O=Intevation GmbH,C=DE
gpgsm: Die CRL konnte nicht geprüft werden: Ungültiges CRL Objekt
gpgsm: Benutztes Gültigkeitsmodell: Schale
gpgsm: Hinweis: Verschlüsselung für `' wird nicht

möglich sein: Ungültiges CRL Objekt

    gpgsm: Ungültiger Befehl (Es gibt keinen implizierten Befehl)

So the CRL file was not automatically pulled via console either.

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I just tested with intevation's CA on Windows and it works. It also worked with our in the base test before the 3.0.1 release. I think this is resolved.