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Test failure: test using user's keyring instead of fresh keyring?
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I have the following test failure on OpenBSD with gnupg-2.1.19:

Checking that we can revoke a user ID... 
manipulation.scm:82: Assertion failed: : ((= 1 (count-uids-of-secret-key bravo)))
0: (throw (string-append "/usr/local/pobj/gnupg-2.1.19/gnupg-
2.1.19/tests/openpgp/quick-key-manipulation.scm" ":" "82" ": Assertion failed: ") 
'(= 1 (count-uids-of-secret-key bravo)))
FAIL: quick-key-manipulation.scm

So the test expected 1, but got 82.

It looks to me like the test is using my local keychain. If I move away
~/.gnupg and re-run the tests, they all pass.

I suspect it is finding 82 keys from my keychain matching some criteria, but it
expects to be operating on a clean keychain from the outset.




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'82' is the line of the failing assertion.

Please run the test like this so that we can get more insight:

make -Ctests/openpgp check verbose=3 XTESTS=quick-key-manipulation.scm

I'm closing this. Feel free to reopen the bug with more information.