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Implement recurring donations
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The basic things are ready and you can do test transactions.
Here is what still needs to be done:

  • Adjust mails to reflect that this is about recurring donations
  • Move the tools in production, so that we only have one copy of them.
  • Review the page
  • Implement email verification and a simple account management system. This can be delayed because I can manage subscription via the Stripe dashboard.
  • Implement recurring donations with Paypal.
  • How do we handle recurring donations with SEPA?

We also need to change 5 Euro monthly donations to 15 Eur/quarter.

And 5 euros quarterly to 60 euros yearly, etc.

This should be accompanied by a warning of the sort:

To make your donation go further, please donate a larger amount less frequently to avoid the high overhead fees.  Thanks!
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Paypal now works and for accounts which can't do recurring donations; they are send back to the donation form now.