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Patch done. Waiting for T3048.

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@kai Can you say when your patch will be upstream? We wait for a public nightly build of enigmail with all your wkd/wks changes.

Sorry... I tested the current nightly build from today. There is no WKS upload dialog in Enigmail's setup wizard (default setup). And my manually upload test (via context menu from Engimails key management) gets no response...
@kai Can you please check the current state in upstream. Thanks.

It's only displayed in the advanced mode. Also, what do you mean w/ no response?

Right. Now I see the wks page in advanced setup. In basic setup there is only a minimal wks info page. WKS confirmation email is send in both cases. Good.

what do you mean w/ no response?

Try to upload a key by context menu entry "Upload to your provides Webkey Directory" in key list. A dialog shows progress 100% but message never changes to 'upload finished' or something else. "Cancel" button does not work. I have to close the dialog. Email is send correctly. But the dialog seems to be broken... Can you confirm it?

I just tried it w/ the current master and it works. First, it displays the upload dialog and progress bar. After a second or two a message pops up that the upload was successful and I'll get a confirmation request my mail later. Clicking Ok on the message hides both dialogs.

Note: With rK3e029a4ed0059116febe05924a14009ca622e3c5 was extended with targets to run converage scripts. However, there is no real documentation and it is questionable whether is the right place - after all the coverage stuff needs more support in a project which can't be easily done in a general way in These chnages to have meanwhile be replaced by standard