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Implement gnupg commit message style
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GnuPG has its own commit message style that is highly structured and contains valuable information. By integrating it in arc and phabricator, we can preserve and enhance it:

  • Parse existing commit messages (see
    • Treat "gnupg-bug-id: xxx, yyy" like "Ref Txxx", "Ref Tyyy"
    • Parse the one-line summary and changelog section as summary.
    • Parse everything between "--" and the keyword list as "Test Plan".
    • Maybe parse keywords in first line and add them as projects.
    • Maybe link files in changelog-style section to the patch units or the files in the repo browser (if easy to do).
  • Extend gnupg commit message format by new featuresw
    • Add new keyword field "fixes-bug-id: xxx, yyy" and treat it like "Fixes xxx", "Fixes yyy" (autoclose).
    • Add new keyword field "reviewers: user1, user2".
    • Add new keyword field "auditors: user1, user2" to request a post-commit audit.
    • Add new keyword field "patch-id: Dxxx" (this will be automatically added by arc and links the commit to a patch)
    • Document new keyword in doc/HACKING
  • Changes in arc
    • Create a gnupg commit style template on initial commit message editing
    • Create new patch-id instead of "Differential revision:"

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Please check whether similar keywords are already used by Linux.

We have used gnupg-bug-id: to indicate a fix. However, at the time of a commit you never know whether this is really a fix. Many reporters need to test it on their platform and that can take weeks. Thus I had the idea to simply reference the bug id (task).

doc/HACKING is mirrored at and I meanwhile think that we should make the web version the primary source.

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