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Include documentation for technicians in Gpg4win that matches the packaged versions of GnuPG, GPGME
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Some users want to use the command line of the GnuPG commands
or have in depth technical questions. only provides the most current version
of the technical manuals. User want to have an easy way to find the documentation
that matches the installed version. Even when in a situation where there is no internet connection.

Solution idea:
Include the technical manuals in the distribution package when building.
For Gpg4win 2.3.3 this would be GnuPG 2.0.30 set of manuals and the build targets already include

Add an entry to the Gpg4win submenu with something like "Technical manuals" and open the place
in the filesystem where the html and pdf files are, a bit like

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@werner, because we have talked about it:

There one user request I was answering on the forum, that reminded me of the issue

I assume size of the installer is no real issue here anymore (internet connections had grown better again since 2017)
and it could be make a installer option ("Install technical documentation"), if installed size is a concern.

I believe it is better to include the current documentation than to offer it online because of

  • It is one step more to find the right version online, even when following a link from the application
  • it need to be online (not all gpg4win system are fully online always)
  • We do not know how old some installations are and keeping all versions online is not ideal either.

I would prefer to store legacy manuals on the web server. That is the easier solution.

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