dirmngr cannot set port for nameserver
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Please see https://bugs.debian.org/867268

Some users apparently want to point dirmngr's embedded DNS resolver at a particular port on an IP address, not just an IP address on the default port 53. This does not appear to work right now.

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Note that the documentation clearly says that --nameserver expects an ip address. Now we could make it accept a port too, but that would not make the OP happy, as he wants to talk to localhost, but in tor mode, all dns requests are routed through tor (this is actually one of the main motivations for using a custom DNS resolver).

dkg added a comment.Jul 12 2017, 12:22 AM

Agreed, i think the OP is asking for X when he wants Y, so that makes this request a little bit strange.

Still, being able to specify a port (or at least have it clearly documented that it's not possible to set a port) would be useful.