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Board meeting in July/August
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We need to have a board meeting to discuss a couple of things.

  • Rules for membership.
  • Rules on when we show a log for a donor.
  • How to cash in our Bitcoins
  • Process to receive donations
  • Date and venue for the next general assembly

Other topics?

Event Timeline

  • How to prepare the next general assembly
  • Involvement of Members (Verein ML) and Transparency

When shall we three meet again? I propose next Wednesday at 15'o clock. (Just to have a suggestion for a date out there)

E194 started a bit too late but here we go:

Marcus resigned as treasurer and left the meeting

Membership: Start discussion on verein@

Logo etc: g10Code or Verein donations: Sponsoring member rules.
cf. Debian LTS for sponsoring levels.

Process donations etc: Defer to preparation of the GA.

Date and venue: Around FOSDEM 2018

Bitcoin: Problem due to Marcus resignment no action now.

GA preparation: On public list verein@

Closed at 16:00

marcus claimed this task.