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Allow encryption/signing in GPGME using a specified subkey
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There is currently no way to encorce signing/encryption to a subkey in GPGME in the same way we allow
it with the '!' suffix on the CLI.

This can be implemented by allowing to set a selected flag in the gpgme_subkey_t. engine-gpg.c could then scan the subkeys for such a flag and use that fingerprint with the '!' suffix.

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With the recpstring feature in 1.11 this is now possible because the args are passed verbatim to gpg.

@werner Looks like recpstring is only supported for encrypt and encrypt+sign, but not just for signing. Is there a way to specify the subkey to use when signing?

Please see the section 'Selecting Signers'.

@werner This one?

It doesn't mention subkeys. Signing just seems to use a "default" subkey.